Porto, 13 SEPTEMBER 2018

- Programme of the forum -

09:15 – 9:45 | Registration & coffee

09:45 – 10:05

Opening & Welcome
  • Welcome & Introduction
    Monique Calisti, Executive Director and Partner of Martel Innovate, HUB4NGI Coordinator
  • The Next Generation Porto 2025
    Paulo Calcada, CEO of Porto Digital

10:05 – 10:20

Creating the future together – An internet of humans

Pearse O’Donohue, Director Future Networks, DG CONNECT, European Commission

10:20 – 10:35

A national perspective on the Next Generation Internet

Professor Manuel Heitor, Minister of Science, Technology and Higher Education of Portugal [TBC]

10:35 – 10:50

From time-sharing to the Next Generation Internet

Louis Pouzin, Internet pioneer

10:50 – 12:05

Building the Next Generation human-centric Internet – Expert Testimonials

Moderated by Dr. Monique Calisti

  • The Internet of Moving Things
    Professor Susana Sargento, University Of Aveiro, Co-founder Veniam
  • Blockchain-based Architectures
    Antonio Tenore Fornes, , Complutense University of Madrid
  • Social Artificial Intelligence
    Professor Virginia Dignum, TU Delft
  • Next Generation Internet 2025
    Clementine Valayer, Gartner
  • Data Analytics on NGI Research Trends
    Manuel Noya Marino, Linknovate

Very interactive format with 10-15 minutes “expert testimonials” and questions from the audience both live and via SLIDO or remote participants. The moderator will dynamically engage the audience at the end of each presentation planned for 15-20 minutes max.

12:05 – 13:00

What is needed to build the Next Generation Internet? – Experts Panel

Round table discussion with all keynote experts:
moderated by Olivier Bringer, Deputy and Acting Head of NGI Unit, DG CONNECT/E.3, European Commission

SLIDO will be used and questions will be colected from the audience.

13:00 – 13:05

Introduction to demo stands

Timo Lahnalampi, Martel Innovate, HUB4NGI

13:05 – 14:00 | Lunch break

14:00 – 14:20

Digital technologies and society – which future?

Frédéric Donck, Director, European Regional Bureau, Internet Society

14:20 – 14:30

Introduction to group sessions by each moderator

14:30 – 15:45

Parallel Interactive Sessions

– Group session 1 –
lead by Engineroom
An internet that empowers individuals and unleashes the power of data:

  • Managing identities on the internet
  • Enhancing privacy and control of personal data
  • New business and social innovation models based on data

– Group session 2 –
lead by NGI Move
A secure, decentralised internet:

  • A highly secure and resilient internet architecture
  • Distributed ledger technologies and blockchain-based architectures to increase trust and security of online transactions

– Group session 3 –
lead by
Better search for trustworthy content and objects discovery:

  • Improving identification of content, objects and services on the internet
  • Using new search methods to improve the relevance and reliability of search results

15:45 – 16:00 | Coffee break & network

16:00 – 16:30

Wrap-up from group sessions, open discussion and NGI Billboard

Moderated by Richard Stevens, IDC, HUB4NGI

  • Report from the three moderators of working group sessions
  • Q&A session interacting with the audience
  • Distilling the main lessons learned

16:30 – 16:45

New NGI Accelerators elevator pitch / 1st NGI Open Calls announcements
  • Privacy and trust enhancing technologies
  • Decentralized data governance
  • Discovery and identification tools

16:45 – 17:00

NGI Funding Opportunities – Upcoming Calls

Jorge Gasos, NGI Unit, DG CONNECT/E.3, European Commission

17:00 – 17:15

How to join the NGI, wrap-up and closure

Dr. Monique Calisti, Director and Partner of Martel Innovate, HUB4NGI coordinator

– Social Event –

From 19:30

Social Event *Access granted only with the event’s badge.*

A cocktail fun time where you can networking with good food and drinks.

The NGI Forum report and presentations will be available on the NGI website and the event moments will be available via Twitter.

Hashtag: #NGIFORUM18






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