The Next Generation Internet (NGI) initiative aims to shape the internet of the future as an interoperable platform ecosystem that supports the transformation of European society and services by ensuring better citizens protection, inclusion, education and participation.

NGI research and innovation efforts should ensure that the increased connectivity and progressive adoption of advanced concepts and methodologies (spanning domains such as Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Interactive Technologies, etc.) to drive the digital revolution that our society is experiencing, while ensuring that the internet of the future is more human-centric. This ambitious vision requires the involvement of the best Internet researchers and innovators to address the technological opportunities that arise from the diverse synergies and advances found in research fields ranging from network infrastructures to platforms to application domains to social innovation.

The NGI Forum aims to gather together those prominent actors whose work and active engagement in various R&D areas are paving the way to design, build and refine the Internet of tomorrow. The NGI Forum is an opportunity to share knowledge with leading experts from a variety of disciplines, including privacy and trust technologies, decentralised data governance, discovery and identification, edge intelligence, and more.

While attending, you can contribute to the dialogue on the best way to meet these ambitious goals, and contribute to mapping the NGI ecosystem. The event will include a mix of specialist talks, open discussions and interactive working groups, with an emphasis on stimulating discussion and the free exchange of ideas between members of the research community, SMEs & startups, industry, policy makers, and civil society.

The NGI Forum is organised by HUB4NGI.
In collaboration with Porto Municipality.



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