The Next Generation Internet (NGI) initiative aims to shape a human-centric internet which empowers individuals and reflects European values, boosting its socio-economic impact and strengthening European digital leadership.

The next generation internet will empower users with choices and control on the use of their data and allow them to decide among a variety of business and social models for evaluating their data. Distributed ledger technologies and blockchain-based architectures will increase trust, transparency and traceability of online transactions. Artificial intelligent agents will manage the complexity of our interactions with the internet, helping us turn the mass of information generated into useful knowledge and better services. The internet infrastructure will become highly secure and resilient, thanks to the deployment of advanced encryption and secure communication technologies. Green architectures and technologies will minimise energy consumption and carbon footprint. The internet will be highly accessible and language transparent, individuals of all age and physical conditions will be able to interact seamlessly with each other and their online environment.

To be on top of the relevant technology and market developments, we need to get the best internet innovators in Europe on board.

The NGI Forum aims to gather those actors whose work and active engagement in various policy, research and innovation areas are paving the way to design, build and refine the Internet of tomorrow. The NGI Forum is an opportunity to share knowledge with leading experts from a variety of disciplines, including privacy and trust, decentralised data governance, discovery and identification, artificial intelligence, and more.

While attending, you can contribute to the dialogue on the best way to build the next generation internet. The event will include a mix of specialist talks, open discussions and interactive working groups, with an emphasis on stimulating discussion and the free exchange of ideas between researchers, SMEs & startups, industry players, policy makers, and civil society.

The main objectives

  • To promote the Next Generation Internet initiative and its objectives
  • To attract researchers, SMEs & startups, industry players, policy makers, and civil society to the NGI stakeholder ecosystem
  • To establish dialogues, gather input and build consensus on the next generation internet and what key actions are needed to build it
  • To give guidance on how to get involved in H2020 NGI open calls

The target stakeholders

  • Research community
  • Innovative SMEs/Startups/social innovators
  • Industry
  • Policy makers and regulators
  • Civil society


Please, register at and follow #NGIforum18 on twitter!

The NGI Forum is organised by HUB4NGI in collaboration with Porto Municipality, through Porto Digital and contributions from the Engineroom, NGI Move and projects.







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